Parazitii are one of the first hip-hop bands in Romania, a name that since 1994 has remained faithful to the genre and have provoked with every song and album released. Their first album released in 1995 was a historic moment, being the second hip-hop album ever launched in Romania, and its success also brought them a contract with a record label. Just a year later it was followed by Nimic Normal  and in 1997 they returned with Suta, a record named the best of its genre for that year. Parazitii continue the series of premiers in Romanian music and in 1999 they were the first band that received a fee for writing a musical score for a movie - Nordrand. The same year marked the arrival in the band of the person that will change the face of Romanian scratching., FreakaDaDisk, former member of another rap group, Morometzii. Also in 1999 maybe the band's best album is released, Nici o problema, followed almost yearly by a new disc:  Iarta-ma, Categoria grea and Irefutabil, one of the best rap albums and their best selling discs with over 140,000 copies. During the years 2003-2004 the solo albums by Cheloo and Ombladon are released - Sindromul Tourette and Condoleante, while the band launches its own label, 20CM Records at the same moment with the release of their anniversary  disc- Primii 10 ani. By the end of the year 2005 a new album appears, Confort 3, promoted by the song Praf, followed by a hiatus while the band members concentrated on their solo projects. In 2006, Cheloo returns with his second solo material, Fabricant de gunoi, promoted by two videos, while in 2007 Ombladon releases Cel mai prost din curtea scolii promoted by the song Noapte buna, Bucuresti featuring Guess Who. Three years later, Parazitii release Tot ce e bun trebuie sa dispara, heavily advertised by the song Arde which was a hit in clubs and on the internet. Over time, Parazitii have been included in various movie soundtracks like Visul lui Liviu, Marfa si banii or Milionari de Weekend and have managed to change the way rap music is viewed by radio and television. Their anti-censorship campaigns modified the perspective and the media was no longer fined for promoting and broadcasting them or other rap artists. Moreover, Parazitii have joined anti-lip-syncing campaigns or social ones like Instigarea la cultura.