Blaj aLive, primul festival al verii, incepe in forta cu trei scene noi pe Campia Libertatii

Manu Chao, Matisyahu, Sunrise Avenue, Guess Who, Kompakt DJs along with other beautiful local or international musical projects, start the adventure at Blaj aLive on June 5, with five musical stages, the already known Freedom Stage and Electronica and three other, chosen by the most influential cultural communities in Transylvania: Jazz in the Park from Cluj, Astronaut Kru from Deva and AudioFort from Alba-Iulia. Of course, Red Bull will also be present at Blaj aLive with a tent playing music throughout the day.

The Jazz in the Park concept was born in New York in the 80s as an idea of offering good quality music in Central Park, in such a manner that it would be widely accessible, and soon the idea spread and conquered important European cities. In 2013, it was imported for the first time in Romania, at Cluj-Napoca. The main event will take place in Cluj, in late June, where various small stages will be featured, with dance floors, vintage shops and a big stage for the evening concerts.
At Blaj aLive, Jazz in the Park will promote a jazzy atmosphere, concerts and listening parties. Ori Alboher is the first confirmed for the jazz stage, an ultra sensitive artist who blends folk, neo-soul, house and trip hop in a vividly coloured ambiental music, carefully recorded on his Unwind album, available on Bandcamp.
For almost 8 years, Astronaut Kru Sound System has been a part of the Romanian underground electronic music. The astronaut sound system is in full throttle and ready for intergalactic journeys with electro, d’n’b, break and dubstep rhythms, entwined with techno, electro, idm and other genres, all featuring a positive vibe and a good time. The spaceship crew is formed by Burner Greene, Kukilla and Mofo.

Audio Fort is a local DJs and producers community that lay ground to the Alba-Iulia clubbing scene. “The Blaj aLive scene is perfect for developing and promotion and will bring a plus to a festival everyone cares to support. We will try to bring with us Framms, a small bar in Alba Iulia that has agreed to support the Audio Fort movement at Blaj aLive, states Octave aka ORKA, AudioMutz and Audio Fort founder. Alongside Octave, Kito, Turturu, Andreus, Akadela, Cris, oweN, Badea, Alex Modoi, Miyka’el and other special community guests will be mixing for Audio Fort.
The Liberty Field Festival begins on Friday at 12 p.m. and ends on Sunday morning at 5 a.m. The official after hours location is Club M in Blaj. Access in the camping area beings on Thursday, June 4, at 2 p.m. and will be open until Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are available in Orange, Carturesti, Germanos, Diverta, Eventim and Myticket networks and online at

Manu Chao La Ventura pe Campia Libertatii: Me gusta Blaj aLive

Manu Chao is confirmed to perform on Freedom Stage at Blaj aLive, Saturday, 6th of June, as the headliner for the second day of the festival. Manu Chao is completing the best line-up of the festival so far, on the same bill with Matisyahu, Subcarpați, Sunrise Avenue, Unkle Sounds and many other beautiful acts, uniting the people on the Liberty Field.

Renowned for his social commitment, his creative cosmopolitanism and his militancy on popular songs, Manu Chao is one of the most influential musicians in recent history, with an acclaimed live performance on five continents. Manu Chao finds inspiration in street culture and local scenes from different countries and nationalities. Me gustas tu, Welcome to Tijuana, Je ne t’aime plus, Bongo bong, his multicultural and multilingual music is a cocktail of rock, reggae, punk, ska, found sounds and rhythms from around the planet, singing in English, Spanish, French, Italian and few other languages, sometimes mixing them in the same song.

Manu Chao had been a well-known member of the Parisian alternative music scene, in bands such as Hot Pants and Los Carayos. Chao released his first solo album “Clandestino” in 1998, and the album became an international resounding success. His second album, in collaboration with Radio Bemba Sound System, “Próxima Estación: Esperanza”, was released in 2001, and it was again an instant hit. Then came “Sibérie m’était Contéee”, the first French-language-only album, and “La Radiolina”. In recent years, several hundred of thousands of people around the world enjoyed Manu Chao La Ventura’s energetic live performance.

The King of the Bongo is an inspiring artist, creative and committed, accompanied by La Ventura, meaning Madjid on guitar, Philippe Teboul on drums and Gambeat on bass, as on previous projects such as Radio Bemba or Mano Negra. Prepare to sing and dance at Blaj aLive with Manu Chao La Ventura performing most legendary, well known songs, as well as new ones, never recorded.

Festival passes cost 70 lei (16 euros) for festival entrance and 120 lei (27 euros) for festival & camping access, until the end of April. During festival time, the full festival pass will cost 90 lei (20 euros) and 140 lei (32 euros) for festival & camping access. Tickets are available on, as e-tickets or cash on delivery, and in Eventim and Myticket networks, including Diverta and Germanos shops.

Kompakt Label Party at Blaj aLive 2015

On the 5th and 6th of June, thousands of freedom and music lovers gather around for the 3rd edition of Blaj aLive, in one of Romania’s most important historical and cultural sites – the Liberty Field.

The 2015 edition announces special Kompakt artists on the Electronica Stage – the music label responsible for making Germany the electronic trendsetter of the decade. Blaj aLive crowd will be animated by the electrifying vibes of 4 acts considered the best of German electronic music: Michael Mayer, Saschienne, Justus Köhncke and Thomas Fehlmann.

Michael Mayer (DJ Set),  DJ, producer and remixer, remains one of Germany’s core celebrities in dance music. The co-owner of Kompakt label played in front of millions of people, but still spends his weekends travelling around the globe. He began his career in Cologne, during the early 90’s, initiating a collaboration with a local DJ adversary, Tobias Thomas. Throughout his 15 years career, Michael contributed to the evolution of electronic, dance and techno music, while investing great talent and passion in every gig. “A DJ has a certain responsibility. He has to play progressive, contemporary music and combine it with the past. It is all about entertaining people, but you must not under challenge nor overstrain them. You must be subversive and play music that no one would have ever dreamt of listening to voluntarily at the club. You are both, entertainer and educator.

Saschienne (live) is the musical duo formed by DJ Sascha Funke and his wife, Julienne Dessagne. More then an one off band project, this is a partnership meant to stay – the genius Techno auteur Sascha Funke and the multi-talented instrumentalist/singer Julienne Dessagne (who also released as The Twins on Hippie Dance, the label run by the Pachanga Boys) have created a deep musical project displaying the harmony and bliss of any great love.

Kompakt line-up is completed by Thomas Fehlmann (live), swiss-born composer/producer who lives in Berlin, and has been active in electronic music as far back as the 1980s and is one part of the legendary music group The Orb. Along with him, Justus Köhncke (live) – producer, singer and entertainer who surfed across several music genres from punk rock to acid, ballads to techno. Today he is well-known for developing his own sci-fi-techno-disco production style.

A tribute brought to the contemporary and vibrant trends of electronic music will come to life at Blaj aLive. The essence of german clubbing will keep the crowd aLive and pump up the good energy on the Liberty Field.

Tickets are already for sale in Eventim and MyTicketBlaj aLive is initiated by Bosch-Rexroth and organized in partnership with Blaj Municipality and the Alba County Council through ″Augustin Bena″ Cultural Center in Alba.


Blaj aLive 2014 Electronica Stage

Electronic music comes to life at Blaj aLive, bringing into the spotlight a series of international artists. First confirmations include: Matias Aguayo, Tobias Thomas, Coma Live, Matthias Meyer and Barnt.

Born 1973 in Santiago de Chile, Matias Aguayo spent the whole 90s in Cologne (Germany), contributing to the city’s electronic music scene as a club kid and a DJ at various clubs, the legendary Liquid Sky included. Aguayo also organized his own nights and hooked up with local key players Michael Mayer and Dirk Leyers. What really sets him apart from his peers (besides his exceptional feel for percussive, raw yet upbeat body music, that is), is BumBumBox: a series of free, intimate, open air raves that he sets up on the streets of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Asuncion, Sao Paulo, Medellin, Santiago de Chile and many other South American metropolises. His affinity for an effervescent finale of his songs on the dance floor is also found on his latest album, “The Visitor”. The BumBumBox spirit leaks through the album sounds via a contorted bass line, seasoned with the spark of a carnival.

Tobias Thomas, born 1970, has been a member of the Kompakt family since the beginning. He has been working as a DJ since 1990 and has been involved in many collaborations and projects, including Forever Sweet and Thomas Mayer. He sat at the mixing desk alongside Dettinger, Superpitcher, Jörg Burger, Geiger, M. Mayer and Reinhard Voigt. As a former editor for the German music magazine SPEX, he’s done interviews with Sven Väth, the Pet Shop Boys, Westbam, Depeche Mode, Wolfgang Tillmans, Erlend Øye, Justin Timberlake and many more.

Purveyors of fine Cologne stomp since 2007, Coma know how to incite a crowd. Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad found their own way in breaking down barriers between club culture and live concerts. They famously hit the ground running, winning over the audience almost immediately with pop-infused electronics which include laptops, guitars, synthesizers and microphones.
DJ, Producer and Liebe*Detail key artist, Matthias Meyer comes from the quiet town of Lueneburg, near Hamburg, Germany. Matthias has broken into the spotlight thanks to his unique and passionate take on the house and techno genres. His love of rich, energetic club music, full of texture, life and heart propels him to work more and more. His work as a DJ allows him to bring this very human, endearing quality to an increasingly large audience.

German artist and DJ, Barnt founded the label Magazine with Crato and Jens-Uwe Beyer in 2010. He is also a core member of the collectives Cologne Tape, Magazine and Zeit 2. His debut EP, “What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?”, on Magazine became an instant Modern Kosmische classic in 2010, supported by Daphni, Four Tet, Dixon, Optimo and Tale Of Us. Barnt’s increasingly explosive solo output led him to release “Geffen” on Cómeme’s now legendary “The Power Of Now” EP. Topping many end of year polls, the track also reached number 14 in Resident Advisor’s top 50 tracks of 2012.

For more information, please visit or connect with us at See you on the epic Liberty Field in wonderful Blaj, Transylvania, June 7-8! Blaj aLive is a project initiated by Bosch Rexroth, organized in partnership with the Blaj Municipality and Alba County Council through The “Augustin Bena” Alba Cultural Center, developed by ARTmania Events.

Seether and AWOLNATION

On the Liberty Field, between June 7-8, 2014, the largest gathering of music, liberty and joy of life lovers will take place. Blaj, “the little Rome of Transylvania” becomes the centre of general attention and turns to life at Blaj aLive: two days and two nights of concerts and fun activities organized to entertain over 10,000 people. Awolnation and Seether, this year’s special guests, are coming to Romania for the first time straight to the Liberty Field.

After more than a decade playing and five albums released, Seether has demonstrated that it’s one of the most consistent, versatile, ambitious and successful post grunge and alternative rock bands of the world. With millions of records sold, receiving Gold and Platinum discs and a total of 11 number one singles in worldwide charts, Seether headlines Saturday night at Blaj aLive.

Sunday, June 8, Blaj aLive presents AWOLNATION the project that took the music industry by a storm in 2009. The band plays a mix of electronic rock, alternative and indie, grossing over 150 million views on Youtube with their most successful single, Sail.

Zdob şi Zdub, Vunk, Parazitii, Vita de Vie, Alternosfera, Grimus, Robin and the Backstabbers, Gasolines and Blackstarwill put a touch of colour in the festival program. More artists will follow shortly.

Blaj aLive features three differently themed music scenes, bars and terraces, a variety of culinary specialities, sports and other recreational facilities, spaces for workshops and socializing, all in the same place 150 years ago, 40,000 people attended the Great National Gathering in Blaj. The best ways to reach the festival area are either by train or by car, the organizers offering a large parking space as well as the possibility of camping in an area of over 4,000 square meters.

The price for a simple pass, valid for the two festival days is around 6 euro, while a camping package including parking is around 12 euro, limited to 1,000 units. Tickets are available at MyTicket and Eventim and online at See you on the Liberty Field, between June 7-8, 2014, for a total festival experience. Blaj aLive is a project initiated by Bosch-Rexroth, organized in partnership with Blaj City Hall and Alba District Council, with the help of Cultural Centre „Augustin Bena” Alba, a project developed by ARTmania Events.

The biggest gathering from the last century from the Field of Liberty took place Saturday, June 8th 2013, within the Blaj aLive’s very first edition

Blaj aLive has gathered a numerous audience from all over Transylvania. At the 165th anniversary of the Great National Gathering, The Liberty Field from Blaj has reunited more than 6000 people. Blaj aLive has managed to activate the local community and has united the fans of many beloved bands: Vama, Voltaj, Blackstar and the three members of Lala Band; fans came to Blaj aLive from Alba-Iulia, Medias, Sebes, Aiud, Abrud and even Cluj, Târgu Mureş and Sibiu.

Voltaj was received with great joy by the audience, being the first from the Blaj aLive line-up to perform; a band who has definitely conquered Transylvania. Voltaj’s fiery performance managed to gather in front of the stage even the ones who were most afraid of the rain and also cast away the threatening clouds with, of course, the help of the fans that sung along songs like „So what?”, „This is Life” and „I miss the sun”.

A surprise element was the festival’s fun zone, which gave the public of all ages the chance of spending their day in the most active way, thus enjoying a Twister game, an electrical train, an inflatable slide which was 13 meters high and to have fun with animators that caught their attention by offering face painting and balloons modelling.

The youngsters’ and teenagers’ interest that had been previously caught by the fun park was soon forgotten as the three members of the loved Lala Band came onstage. Fans had the opportunity to receive autographs from the three idols of the new generation – Alina Eremia, Dorian Popa and Sore – and to take photographs of the stars, their dancers and their special guest, Mihai Ristea, who played the duet „Beautiful Life” with Sore.

With a very optimistic and fresh pop rock style and also a very well defined sound, Blackstar has represented Blaj with a great deal of success and maintained the enthusiasm of the thousands of spectators from the Field of Liberty until sunset.

Without letting themselves become overwhelmed by the marathon of emotional, artistic and active moments, the Blaj aLive audience has impatiently waited for the headliner of the festival: Vama. The band unfolded in an impeccable live show, performing for the first time in Blaj. Tudor Chirila thanked the fans for being present in such great numbers, for their fidelity towards rock music and has flooded the Field of Liberty with the sound of the hymns of many summers: „18 years”, „Vama Veche”, „The Child that is running towards the sea”, and the 2013 hit, „Perfect without you”.

The echoes from Blaj aLive have slowly dimmed into the night, taking with them the news that Blaj will once again become a dynamic and attractive pole of Transylvania. On June 8th The Field of Liberty was the host of the very first edition of Blaj aLive, an event meant to bring back life into a city charged with history, cradle of the national consciousness, realm of multicultural interests and the harmonious living among ethnic groups.

Blaj aLive is the first episode from an annual series, being a manifest that is meant to promote local and national values within an international cultural context and to support the artistic free expression.

Event initiated by Bosch-Rexroth with the support of the Blaj City Hall.

Alternative Activities at Blaj aLive 2013

Blaj aLive launches a bold challenge to all adrenalin lovers, but also to the most active kids.

The surprise element of the event is setting up a fun zone which gives the public of all ages the chance of spending the day in a very active way. The energy from the live shows and good mood will be completed by the joy of the youngest of the Blaj aLive participants, which will find on the Field of Liberty from Blaj a carrousel, an electrical train, an inflatable slide and two animators which will catch their eye with face painting sessions and balloon modelling.

For the ones who share the passion for adventure and extreme sports or even for the curious, Blaj aLive has prepared 2 trampolines and a series of machines that will test your courage: Twister, Orbiter and a huge Sky Lift Twister with a capacity of 40 to 60 people.

On June 8th, Blaj becomes an attractive and dynamic pole of Transylvania and sets the city on the map of the big national events.