VIP Camping for Blaj aLive Festival

:::::: Get a Room VIP Camping la Blaj aLive Festival 2016 :::::::

How would you like to have a royal stay on the Field of Liberty, to sleep in a comfortable soft bed and live the Blaj aLive experience with style?

Get a Room Camping is preparing special tents for four persons and equips them with nice air beds, blankets and lights just for you and your friends!

This “Get a Room Camping” upgrade has to be added to the ticket for camping access and the ticket for access to the festival.


::::::: 450 lei / tent / 2 nights ::::::: 600 lei / tent / 3 nights :::::::

Useful info: the package includes accommodation for four persons, having the check-in from June, the 17th, 14:00 hours and late check-out on June, the 20th, 14:00 hours.

Kadebostany and Dub Inc at Blaj aLive Festival 2016

The first musical news regarding the fourth edition of Blaj aLive Festival, the cultural revival project taking place in June, the 18th – 19th 2016, are here: Kadebostany, Dub Inc, Kiril Dzajkovski, B.U.G. Mafia, Grasu XXL, Carla’s Dreams, R.O.A., C.T.C., Golan, When ‘Airy Met Fairy, Say Yes Dog.

The first 1.000 festival passes are available for only 80 lei and can be purchased in the partner networks.

The first KADEBOSTANY concert in Romania will take place at Blaj aLive Festival, this summer, on the Field of Liberty, where we will listen live to “Castle In The Snow”, a radio hit in heavy rotation at the Romanian radio stations. This Swiss based band is one of the new sensations of the international pop music and are said to bring a fresh renewal to this genre, being set to conquer the world. Their latest single „Castle in the snow” perfectly mingles with Blaj aLive festival mood.

Dub Inc will transmit live an universal message addressed to all reggae, dub, dancehall or hip hop music lovers, thus performing live an energetic show which will prove once again that Dub Inc is one of the most successful reggae bands in Europe.

Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae and other musical directions join to form the artistic schedule of the most accessible and welcoming Romanian multicultural festival. The full list of performing artists will the updated in the close future.

Three years have passed since Romanians come to the Field of Liberty to spend the beginning of the summer and to live two days and two nights of cultural experiences meant to also support the development of a strong and beautiful community of people who bring an added value to everything they do.

As once the “Romanians’ sun has risen” here, thus bringing them together and giving birth to their cultural and spiritual identity, in modern times, Blaj aLive Festival brings into the spotlight the main national artistic trends, framed in the larger context outlined by the European cultural dialogue.

The Festival stands for freedom, education and innovation, seen as the technological foundation needed for the local cultural development. It also encourages the initiatives belonging to youth organizations, as part of the new cultural revolution.

Blaj aLive Festival militates for the cultural exchange and collaboration of all interested entities, irrespective of their origin, as the Field of Liberty represents the melting pot and the meeting place for various cultural and artistic organizations from all across the country

See you soon on the Field of Liberty, at Blaj aLive Festival 2016!

Cum a fost pentru voi la Blaj aLive

We’re looking forward to reading your feedback which will be useful for improving next year’s edition as well as creating the Festival program for 2016. We already acknowledged some feedback we got on social channels. If you can’t find below the right space to share your feedback, please feel free to drop us an email at You have the chance of winning one of four tickets for the Blaj aLive Festival 2016 if you answer all of the questions. Thank you for your participation and hope to see you again at the next Blaj aLive Festival.

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Blaj aLive Preview hosted by Justus Kohncke – Kompakt

Justus Kohncke kick starts the Kompakt party in Control Club on May 16. The Kompakt DJ will be mixing for all the music fans, and just a couple of weeks later we will see him live again at Blaj aLive, on the Liberty Field, at the party hosted by the Cologne label.

The German singer and DJ came up with his own genre, sci-fi-techno-disco, after experimenting with various styles, from punk rock to acid, ballads and techno. Justus Kohncke is one of the base members in Kompakt, starting his career in the 80s, when he was part of the Blood and Honey project. During the 90s he moved to Cologne and became part of the label founded by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape.

The May 16 party will also feature local acts Andrei Rusu (Khidja) and Alexandru Jijian. Khidja is an electro music project started in 1999, whilte Jijian became known after mixing music at the Electro parties, at the beginning of the 2000s.

Red Bull Art of Camping @ Blaj aLive

We are looking for 20 of the most creative tents to camp at Blaj aLive.

1. Join us at until May 24.

2. Draw and post your tent design project on the contest Facebook page until May 24. The project should be titled using the tent’s name.

20 of the most creative design will be chosen based on their “like” numbers (50%) and a a vote from a specialized jury (50%) and will be part oft the Red Bull Art of Camping area, and their campers will benefit from a series of special treatments: pool, massage, free party-packs and facilities, and, of course, Red Bull.

Also, those selected will receive a little help to implement their project (maximum of 200 lei), and two people will receive free access at the festival.

Creators of the most imaginative tents will also receive prizes! With Red Bull and:

1st PLACE: a really cool tent

2nd PLACE: two backpacks

3rd PLACE: two sleeping bags.

You can use any material to turn your tent in a real work of art – paint, graffiti, fabrics and any kind of accessories. We want tents with personality! Join now at