public-798x301-Five years have passed since music and nature lovers first gathered on the Field of Liberty at the beginning of summer, to share a weekend filled with cultural experiences, meant to strengthen a creative community of beautiful people, who constantly bring color and positive vibes to the surrounding environment.

On this very field, back in history, Romanians voted to unite in one country and to militate for their rights, culture and their national identity. The “great annual assembly”, as it used to be called back then, has been transformed nowadays into an international multicultural festival dedicated to supporting the cultural development of young generations and to encouraging both the preservation of the local artistic heritage and the exchange of European cultural values.

As once the “Romanians’ sun has risen” here, thus bringing them together and giving birth to their cultural and spiritual identity, in modern times, Blaj aLive Festival brings into the spotlight the main national artistic trends, framed in the larger context outlined by the European cultural dialogue. The Festival stands for freedom, education and innovation, seen as the technological foundation needed for the local cultural development. It also encourages the initiatives belonging to youth organizations, as part of the new cultural revolution.

Blaj aLive Festival militates for the cultural exchange and collaboration of all interested entities, irrespective of their origin, as the Field of Liberty represents the melting pot and the meeting place for various cultural and artistic organizations from all across the country: Jazz in The Park (Cluj-Napoca), Astronaut Kru (Deva), Incubator (Sibiu and Bucharest), Audio Fort (Alba Iulia), Cărturești (Bucharest and Timișoara) or Zona Reggae (Bucharest).

Blaj aLive stands for the freedom of expression and for the promotion of all artists who bring their contribution to the growth of the international cultural heritage, thus bringing closer the Romanian public to highly influent international cultural projects, like: Manu Chao, Dub Inc, Awolnation, Seether, James Lavelle, Michael Mayer, Troy Pierce or Dubioza Kolektiv.

The Blaj aLive Festival resides at the crossroads of the main routes towards some of the most important Romanian university centers (Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara or Brasov), thus facilitating young people’s access to an international art and music festival through price policies, dedicated touristic and cultural services, specially adapted to the local purchase power.

Blaj aLive Festival also came to live due to the support offered by local companies and authorities, entities dedicated to promoting a sustainable strategy of economic and cultural development of the local community and to encouraging the enrichment of the Romanian artistic heritage, in the larger international context. And, last but not least, this festival owes its existence to the constant support offered by its participants, through tickets purchase and active involvement in its organization.

You can contact the initiators of this project by simply sending an e-mail to, subscribing to the newsletter of the festival and by getting tickets, in order to offer your support for this cultural project.