Vunk are one of the most popular pop rock bands in the Romanian musical industry. The band began its career in 1999 under the name of Vunk, an acronym made out of the members' names. Their first album was Voyeur and received promotion through a single that instantly gained airplay and it is still sung by screaming fans today: Noi o scoatem la capat (We're going to make it) In 2001, the second disc is released, including other successful songs, and three years later the band offers a best of material, including songs highly praised by the fans: 1000, Balada pentru o minune, Langa inima mea vine inima ta or Iubire cu imprumut. After the band announced in 2008 that it will retire from music, it returns with a new line-up and a slighty changed name, ready to continue what it had built until then. Since 2009 it has released songs like La orice ora, Dau alarma, Prima Noapte, Artificii pe tavan or Lacrimi de coniac. An explosive success for Vunk arrives with the release of Pleaca (Leave), an incendiary duet with Antonia, The track had been played before, but with a different female singer and slightly changed instrumental, so the 2011 version was heavily airplayed, turning into the most listened to song of the moment and receiving numerous awatds. After this moment, Vunk continues its successful streak with Scapa-ma de ea or Fiecare, and their concerts become huge, with innovations for the audience and shows inspired by international models.
  • Genre : pop-rock
  • Show date : 8 Iunie 2014
  • Stage : Campia Libertatii
  • Project's Link :