For the new generations Voltaj defined by a sound which combines pop-rock with electronic music and by live appearances which are loaded with energy and color.
Their active songs, the lyrics which are full of optimism and love stories, have definitively conquered the hearts of the fans from across the country and have remained for weeks in a row in the music charts of the national TVs and radios.
Hits like „The Little Bee”, „Last Summer”, „This is Life”, „So What?”, „Anybody’s story”, „20 years” or „I miss you” have been sung by the big audience starting 1998, when Voltaj approached a new musical direction along with changing its members with the new addition to the band: the vocal Calin Goia.
Proof that Voltaj was and still is a band with fiery shows is the fact that they have won the „Best Romanian Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005, the award for „Best Live” at the Romanian Music Awards at Brasov in 2011 and again, the same award,  in 2012.
This year at the On Air Music Awards 2013, the band was nominated for three categories: Best pop-rock („The world is mine”), Best dance („Blame it on Voltaj”) and the Best Video („Blame it on Voltaj”).
  • Genre : electro, pop-rock
  • Show date : 8 iunie 2013
  • Stage : Campia Libertatii