Vita de vie was formed in 1996 and it was the band that succeed in bringing rock and alternative music in the mainstream. Their first album was titled Rahova, but only with their second album in 1998, Fenomental, Vita de vie takes over the Romanian music market. The song Basul si cu toba mare turns into an instant hit which catches the attention of both the commercial audience but also rock fans. Later that year they return with a song and a video that parodies the music promoted in Romania at that time - Vinolamine. In 2001 Exxtra is released, a disc that contains other classic songs from the VdV repertoire - Sunetul mai tare, Liver, Beat Mort, a featuring with Parazii, or Zboara, a collaboration with electro group Suie Paparude. The disc featured heavy influences from the rap music, yet it received the award for the best alternative album. A year later the album Doi is launched with tracks like Visare, Varza or Totata that will become emblematic for the band's discography. After a few years' break, in which only a best of album and the Egon disc were released, Vita de vie returns in the studio and launches Fetish, while in 2013 they will record a concept that they have been working on for some time. All their successful songs and fans' favourites receive the acoustic treatment and are included on the eponymous album, and the band starts a tour promoting this new idea. Over the years, Vita de vie was a band that did not make any musical compromises, and through their lead singer, Adi Despot, stated ferm opinions about music, music industry and local values. Moreover, they were part of various social and humanitarian campaigns and have finally opened their own label.
  • Genre : rock alternativ
  • Show date : 7 Iunie 2014
  • Stage : Campia Libertatii
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