Subcarpati was formed in 2010, the same year its debut homonym album was released, a project released by Bean (Suie Paparude), Omu Gnom (Raparta), Mara Panaitescu and DJ Limun. In June 2011 the band releases its first compilation, Culese din cartier, which featured important names from the Romanian music industry: Matze, Silent Strike, Gojira, Undoo, Liviu Vasilica. The second album, Underground Folclor was launched in June 2012 during Streeet Delivery and their third record was released the same way, in June 2014. Subcarpati means: Bean MC, Vali Umbra, VJ Andri and DJ Power on the vinyls, and whenever they speak of folklore they see it as a source of energy. "I was the type of Romanian that renegades folklore, who had a very bad impression about Romania. It all changed when I began listening to country music again and at first I thought it was related to my childhood, but soon enough I started liking it again. The music started speaking to me and formed some sort of conscience in my mind, because these were people that fought for this country and that have changed our lives and, for them, but also for us, we must learn to keep our national values", said Bean.