Robin and the Backstabbers were formed in 2010, an initiative of lead singer Andrei Proca, and shortly after their formation they attracted the attention of Radio Guerrilla. Their first song was Vanatoarea Regala (Royal Hunt), a title inspired by the eponymous novel written by D.R. Popescu, and  no sooner did they conquer the radio waves and gained a fan base.  As their popularity grew, Robin and the Backstabbers started playing live gigs and hitting the stage at various festivals, including Padina Fest, Fanfest, Stufstock, where they also won the Newcomers award. The idea that Andrei "Robin" Proca had, of playing covers of the album Graceland by Paul Simon, had transformed in something completely different, so in 2012 the first album gets released.  Bacovia Overdrive vol. 1: Stalingrad is the first volume of a trilogy that will also feature, in the future, Arhanghel'sk and Vladivostok, while  the album's description includes, in the band's own words "something dark and hard to shift", with an accent on the overdrive, meaning taking things over the limit. Robin and the Bacsktabbers have gained popularity,but are far from the mainstream and commercial music, yet finding their place without dissociating that genre. Florentin Vasile, band guitarist even believes the two ideas - commercial and quality - share the same road: anyone who says they are making music and don't want to be commercial is either lying or being a masochist. Therefore, in my opinion, the path to success of a quality band should not be different from the path taken by a band whose sole purpose is commercial and doesn't stop too much to think about the artist value of the final product.