Ouzo Bazooka is a Tel Aviv based psychedelic rock group, borrowing from the groovy sounds of the Mediterranean region. Ouzo Bazooka’s exotic sound is a dizzying concoction of East meets West. Their latest excursion includes the release of a tripped-out, post-apocalyptic music video for the single “Southern Winds”. Ouzo Bazooka’s self-titled freshman album boasts 13 masterfully crafted hits that transport listeners to a drunken Middle Eastern, ouzo-drenched dance party. Leader of the pack and prolific singer/songwriter Uri Brauner Kinrot has established himself as a major name in the local and global music scene. Kinrot’s sound exemplifies good old rock n’ roll with an Oriental tinge. Kinrot has been active in the music scene for over a decade, collaborating with notable names in the musical trade and gaining great acclaim by the press for his musical achievements. Kinrot’s kaleidoscopic vision can be heard in his latest endeavor Ouzo Bazooka. Ouzo Bazooka has been touring extensively in the past year, gaining local recognition and supporting act shows in Tel Aviv for both The Pixies and The Hives.