IMPEX band hints from the beginning their occupation - importing and exporting rhythms and sounds from the universe to the world and vice versa. Sound wise, the band goes through a large array of styles, from house, rock, manele, jazz, Romanian emo, IDM, electro and folk music to contemporary classical music. The band is composed by the three founding member (Horatiu Serbanescu, Andrei Dinescu, Eugen Imecs) plus frequencies maestro and guitarist Janin Pasniciuc. They are the creators of Steaua de Mare, Zebre, Aneb/Plevna or Shamaneslim projects, sharing their tunes into the diverse mix of IMEX! During a live show, many surprise guests take the spotlight, their ages varying from 15 to 70 years old.
  • Genre : house, rock, manele, jazz, emo romanesc, IDM, electro, trance si muzica populara
  • Show date : 8 Iunie 2014
  • Stage : Campia Libertatii