Fane la Platane
Fane la Platane, the Partipipal resident DJ and  a founding member of the project, is directly involved in  the event organizing. The Partipipal project was born in 2006 and has since then developing as a community for good music lovers who periodically reunite to take part at memorable events. The Partipipal parties have been growing yearly in some of the most known clubs in Bucharest and Romania. The core of the parties lays in  choosing an original theme which lets every member participate in an active way. Starting his DJ career in 2009, straight from the audience, Fane hasn’t done anything else but follow his passion for music and rhythm, passion which he continuously tries to pass to his public. In this manner he has managed to turn a dream into a lifestyle which has allowed him to play music in known clubs like B52, Goblin, Fire, Inside Bar, Molotov and Colectiv. He has played music before and after the concerts of artists such as Dub Pistols and Niste Baieti. He has gained his audience thanks to the way he chooses to play his music, permanently taking the pulse of the crowd and constantly surfing from one style to another. His motto: the atmosphere has to be flaming! Among the chosen styles for playing, we may count: rock, hip hop, reggae, drum and bass, dub step, all of them mixed and meant to make the public dance until sunrise.