Coma is a Romanian alternative/ rock/ metal/ hardcore band that is having fun in the Romanian rock scene since 1999-2000. The band was established in 1999 as a nu metal group, from former members of the Daft Allison and Ska Burger. In fact, Coma was the first band from the local rock scene to alternate in their work the profound lirics and heavy riffs with screamed and warm vocals. Since their first appearance on a stage, in 2000, the band had tens of concerts in Romania, being the opening act for known international artists/ bands like: Linkin Park, Deftones, Incubus, Sepultura, Ozzy Osbourne, Biohazard, Soulfly, Ignite, Hed PE, Harmful feat Billy Gould (Faith No More) or Born from Pain & Skunk Anansie.