Along his whole activity as a DJ, Amon has never been attached to any musical style, but has been totally devoted to music itself. As he interacted with the public from his DJ desk, Amon has carefully inferred the key elements that make people responsive when they go out dancing and keeps on demonstrating this ability every time he mixes. His sets are coordinated with every party and mood and within them we find styles like drum and bass, funky beats, bass music, techno, nu-disco, dub step and indie-dance. Amon has mixed on the same stage with Andy Fletcher, Wankelmut, Kormac, Gramatik, TC, Foreign Beggars, Chinese Man, DJ Vadim, DJ Marky, Wilkinson, ED Solo, Matrix, Noisia and Bailey, but also local artists as Suie Paparude, Subcarpati, ROA, Aria Urbana or Moonlight Breakfast, and within festivals like B'Estfest, Summer Jam and Padina Fest.