Alternosfera were formed in 1998, but only in 2005 it released its first studio album, Orasul 511 (City 511). Named after the garage the band was rehearsing in, the disc was a huge success, mostly due to the single "Wamintirile" and took over the music in the Republic of Moldova and Romanian radios. Two years later,  "Visatori cu plumb in ochi sau ultima scrisoare pentru femeia nordica" (Dreamers with lead in their eyes or the last letter for the Northern Woman) was released and featured future hits like "Inchisoarea alba" (The White Prison), "Ne uneste, ne desparte" (Connects Us, Divides Us) or "Ploile nu vin "(The Rains are Not Coming). After this album, Alternosfera ends its lyrical period and takes a break from releasing any studio material. They will launch just one EP - "Flori din Groapa Marianelor "(Flowers from the Mariana Trench) until 2012 when they return with an interesting concept. The Epizodia triptych features 3 albums united under the concept of PI - Virgula (The Comma), 3 and 14, and the idea behind it was explained by lead singer Marcel Bostan, fascinated by this special number. "The aura of mysticism is invoked by the constant PI, an irrational number but still featuring a well defined rationality, being indispensable for any measurements for the circle or sphere: length, surface, volume. We started from the band's name - Altersnofera, the union between the alternative and the sphere, an alternative sphere." Alternosfera had an instant public success and has stood out, over the years, through the messages of its songs, which range from love to politics and social themes. With an alternative style that finds its influences in the 90's Seattle, Alternosfera can pride with the fact that they have never done anything against their visions. Band leader, Marcel Bostan underlines: both the studio and the concerts leave a print on the quality of the music, perfect the interpretation, help revise concepts and attitudes, a clear sign that they are constantly growing as artists.