Alternosfera is one of the most known Romanian alternative rock bands and was established in Chișinău (the capital city of the Moldavian Republic) in 1998. Their first album, „Orașul 511” („The 511 town”), released 2005, was named after the garage the band was rehearsing in. The disc had a huge success, mostly due to the single “Wamintirile”, which conquered the music stations both in the Moldavian Republic and in Romania. The band became popular very fast among music lovers and, over the years, stood out of the local artistic landscape due to the messages of its songs, which approach a vast range of complex themes, from love, to politics or social aspects. With an alternative style that finds its influences in the 90’s Seattle, Alternosfera can pride with the fact that they have never done anything against their visions. The band’s leader, Marcel Bostan underlines: „both the studio and the concerts leave a print on the quality of the music, perfect the interpretation, help revise concepts and attitudes”, a clear sign that the band is in a continuous search,(re)descovery and growth from artistic point of view.